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Swimming Pool Maintenance in Charlotte NC and Ft. Mill SC


From a one-time pool service repair to weekly pool maintenance, you can always count on our trained professionals to keep your swimming pool in top shape. Best of all, you never have to worry about getting stuck in a binding pool service contract. It’s your pool and you deserve quality pool maintenance on your terms. Work with our swimming pool experts to determine your pool’s needs and we’ll develop a pool maintenance schedule that works for you, your pool, and your budget. Our technicians are experts at providing swimming pool maintenance and repairs!

Not only will you be saving time and stress by putting our professionals to work maintaining your swimming pool or spa, Clearwater Pool Service offers substantial savings to customers who continue with regular service. The longer you put us to work for you, the more you save! Save Time, Save Money and Trust that the job is done right! That's what you can expect from our staff!

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance includes:

  • Vacuuming of the pool and spa, as needed;

  • Skimming of the water lines;

  • Brushing of all surfaces, as needed;

  • Check and adjust water chemistry levels;

  • Empty debris from automatic cleaners, skimmers and pump baskets;

  • Clean all small filters and screens; and

  • Backwashing and cleaning of filters as needed.

SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE in Charlotte NC by Clearwater Pool Services

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Clearwater Pool Services in Charlotte

Each of our maintenance vehicles is equipped with a self-contained and self-powered swimming pool vacuum system for the removal of large debris such as the heavy Carolina leaf fall during the early spring and fall seasons. This allows us to save your system from excessive wear and tear on pool pumps and filters. FREE Swimming Pool Chemical Delivery is included for Charlotte area pool maintenance customers.

FREE bi-yearly filter breakdown and cleaning

As a token of our appreciation and dedication, you’ll receive a FREE bi-yearly filter breakdown and cleaning in addition to your regular maintenance and services